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What Precisely is Web Hosting Reseller?

Everybody Is Suitable To Be A Hosting Reseller

ResellersPanel leverages over half a decade's experience in the web hosting reseller business and has everything you need in order to be prosperous as a hosting reseller. But don't presume that this is solely for PC experts, anybody can start and run their very own personal web hosting business, without the need to pay a single dollar or to have an advanced level of computer skills. If you're an industrious housewife, a student, a retired person or a corporate worker, ResellersPanel's hosting platform is all you require to start gaining money. You can sell the company's web hosting products on behalf of your very own personal company name and earn extra cash while continuing with your regular daily exercises. Here is how it functions.

A Completely Free Reseller Hosting Program

ResellersPanel offers a totally free hosting reseller program, both free of cost and free of risk. Regardless of whether you make sales or not - they won't charge you a single cent! With the Free Reseller Hosting Program, you can resell hosting plans on behalf of your own personal trade name. You can offer the company's fully featured pre-built plans or set up your very own plan configurations to more precisely fit your customers' individual necessities.

Create Your Very Own Personal Online Storefront In A Matter Of Minutes

Besides, you can create your one-of-a-kind online store in a matter of minutes, using the company's customizable ready-to-use online store templates and accompanying marketing tools - all at no cost to you. ResellersPanel has equipped the web hosting plans with an intuitive, custom-made, point-and-click hosting CP available in various languages, and with a vast variety of free bonuses. You have the opportunity to offer a cost-free domain name with the shared hosting packages and to choose your datacenter location. ResellersPanel also takes care of the billing service, the reseller commission payments and all server maintenance procedures, and provides 24-7-365 support to your clients on behalf of your own private brand. ResellersPanel stays in the background all the time, so that your customers will never understand that you are actually a reseller of hosting services.

Those of you who need a dedicated server web hosting solution will not be disappointed either - ResellersPanel offers a huge assortment of advanced VPS and dedicated hosting servers.

They offer you and your customers total freedom to realize your online plans.

Advanced Reselling Options For Practiced Users

As a cherished ally of ResellersPanel's, you can also choose to bill your clients yourself using the Reseller API tool. For those who possess an advanced level of computer competence and prefer the conventional reseller hosting methods, ResellersPanel also offers a cPanel Hosting Reseller Program. It comes with a host of free-of-charge gifts for you as a hosting reseller and for your clients. So, give it a whirl and ƒteam up with today!